Adult Early Learner

Adult Early Learner Course

Before a student is ready to print, there are prerequisite skills, including alphabet knowledge, phonological and phonemic awareness, rapid-automatic-naming, and fine motor skills. Knowing how to recognize deficits in students is a critical aspect of teachers’ skill set. This class is appropriate for teachers who work with the earliest of learners, and older students who are continuing to struggle to read and spell. It is an imperative class for teachers of pre-schoolers and the early primary grades. This class will include lectures, lesson plan writing, and an age-appropriate practicum. Skills gained will directly apply to students. The CEUs earned can be used as continuing education credit for OG-CT requirements. Course materials are included. Participants must attend all required sessions. Prerequiste: Introductory OGMN Course OR participant must enroll with the Wednesday course option (Early Learner PLUS). Early registration for those with who have meet the prerequiste requirements is $700 through TBD. Registration is $750 after TBD. Early registration Early Learner PLUS (No OGMN training) is $800 through TBD. Registration is $850 after TBD.

NOTE: This is not a 55 hour course

Adult Early Learner Workshop

The Early Learner Workshop is for all teachers of our youngest learners, both in pre school and primary grades. The workshop covers the foundations of reading instruction, even before formal reading instruction takes place. Teachers will learn how to assess phonemic awareness skills, and also how to build phonemic awareness with their students. Alphabet skills necessary for spelling and reading are complex, and are best learned in a multi-sensory approach. Teachers will leave with the knowledge of how to best teach the alphabet. Also, concepts such as rapid auto naming, fine motor, and comprehension will also be addressed. Teachers will also learn how to pace instruction, how to determine what skills are lacking in their students, and ultimately what to do about it.

This workshop has previously been taught as a hands-on workshop with a practicum; however, because of the nature of hands-on learning difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are opting to hold this workshop as a knowledge-based workshop with the hope that teachers will benefit from learning new information that they can implement with their youngest learners right away. This workshop is not eligible for scholarships.

This course is eligible for 15 hours of CEUs

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