Extended Practicum

The Extended Practicum course work is required for certification and a prerequisite for the Advanced Course.  During this course, the participant will work directly with an instructor mentor.  The instructor will observe the participant a minimum of three times in a one-to-one setting.  After the first session, the instructor will teach the participant roots and how to teach them as new material.  The participant will teach and or include at least one or more of the following concepts in their lessons: syllable types, syllabication division patterns, ending rules, or a different area co-determined by the instructor and participant.  In the event a participant does not have 2 prior one-on-one observations within the required time period, they should contact admin@ogmn.org.  Course materials will be provided.  Course Fee: $1,000.00 (This course and it’s fee is designed for participants who enroll within 26 months of completion of their Introductory Course. In the event that more than 26 months has elapsed, contact admin@ogmn.org to set up a specific plan with an adjusted fee). Participants in the extended practicum are not eligible for scholarships.

Registration is always open, and dates are individually established with the assigned instructor.